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Our Mission

Our mission is to champion and support entrepreneurship within the Black community. A portion of each sale will go towards our efforts to continue to build out and maintain our vibrant ecosystem of more than 23,000 Black owned businesses on the Black Primacy app, now available in your app store.


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Embrace the spirit of freedom and celebrate unity with our exclusive Juneteenth merch! Each piece tells a powerful story of resilience, liberation, and the enduring pursuit of equality. Wear your support proudly and join the movement towards a future where freedom knows no bounds. Elevate your style, honor the journey, and be a part of the change.

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Step into a world where inspiration meets expression, where every stitch, every print, and every design is crafted with the vibrancy and resilience of the Black Community in mind. Our collections are more than just merchandise; it's a celebration of culture, a homage to history, and a canvas that amplifies the voices and stories of a community that has shaped the world.

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