“I just want to help change our community!”

-Ricky Reeezy

Founder of Black Primacy


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The Black Business Directory

A Directory where consumers can support Black businesses and creators. So, get on, search, and support all things Black! Also, if you are a Black business owner or a Black creative and you are looking to increase awareness, submit your information and be added to the growing list! Oh, and did I mention that it is FREE?

Black Primacy

BlackPrimacy is a brand focused on inspiring the Black Culture to pursue his/her dreams and goals. Because in today's society, we are made to believe that we are less important, or that we are incapable of doing things that others can do. We are also made to believe that we have to follow the rules that society has implemented upon us based on the color of our skin. Says who? We can be whatever we want to be. BlackPrimacy is not just a clothing brand, directory, or social media influence specifically, we are a MOVEMENT. Our mission is simply to influence, support, and move the culture forward however we can. We are Black, we are important.


We recently completed creating the LARGEST directory supporting Black-owned businesses across the United States. This project has taken us more than two years to complete, as we went state by state seeking out businesses that identified as Black-owned online. Now with nearly 25,000 businesses listed, we are ready to take our platform to the hands of the millions of consumers worldwide looking to support these businesses by building an app unlike any other available today, that functions in a way that allows both businesses and customers to experience great usability and premium performance. Even a small donation could help reach the fundraising goal.